Is Road Biking Or Mountain Biking More Dangerous?

The question is which is more dangerous between road cycling or mountain biking is a typical common question. The quick answer that springs to mind is probably mountain biking is a lot riskier. But there are risks with both types of mountain biking and road biking, which are trees, hikers, cars, potholes, etc…

Simply, road biking is far more likely to result in death whereas mountain biking is far more likely to result in serious injury with broken bones like a shoulder or leg. Also, helmets play an important in reducing cycling-related head injuries.

In this post, we will go through is road biking or mountain biking more dangerous. Let’s get started!

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Is Road Biking Or Mountain Biking More Dangerous?

Unfortunately, falling off the bike is part of the mountain biking and road biking learning process but it doesn’t have to be a regular thing having accidents.

You will learn to fall properly when mountain biking and road biking. Go soft, don’t stick your hands out, instead take the hit on a shoulder or hip and roll with it. You also learn to avoid falling so often as you get better.

Both road biking and mountain biking come with risks, but these risks are different for each of them. Let’s explore the risks for them.

Road Biking

With road biking, there are a number of risks but the main concerns are as follows.

  • Motorists.
  • Potholes.
  • Pedestrians.


The biggest risk comes from other road users particularly cars. One of the main reasons there is an incident with a car is usually the driver does not see the cyclist. It is important to make sure you are seen and don’t assume the driver of the car will see you.

Another one of the most dangerous aspects is car doors opening unexpectedly. So, NEVER ride too close or too fast that you can’t avoid that!


You need to be always looking ahead, checking for potholes or any other obstacle. The problem is that if you hit a pothole it can knock your balance off the bike leading to you falling.

As well it can damage the wheels on your bike.


When biking on the road, pedestrians are always something to be concerned away. Pedestrians tend to just walk out in front of the bike without looking.

Always expect the unexpected from pedestrians.

Mountain Biking

With mountain biking, there are a number of risks but the main concerns are as follows.

  • Trees and debris.
  • Other bikers.
  • Hikers.


Trees, debris, and nature can really cause some damage to bikers and their bikes. That’s why most of the time mountain bikers are wearing more than just a helmet.

Other Bikers

You need to be always looking out for other bikers. There might be a biker broken down up ahead that is blocking the path. The problem is that if you hit a biker it will lead to you falling off your bike and damaging the bike.


Like pedestrians, hikers are an obstacle that you need to be checking for. If you are mountain biking too fast and you not expecting hikers, this can lead to a crash.

Always expect the unexpected and not go too fast that you can’t react in time to avoid a crash.


Which Is More Dangerous?

For major injuries, road biking carries a greater risk. If you fall on a road bike you could be going 20 mph or faster and the best outcome is the road scraping a large chunk of skin away. The worse is been getting run over by a truck or car. The injury could be severe or extremely serious.

While injuries from mountain biking can be really serious, you can break or sprain a bone quite easily but there is less chance that you will die.

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Remember, that roads without a large shoulder or with lots of debris in the shoulder and fast-driving trucks should be avoided. While quiet country roads with few cars and lots of room to see and be seen make road riding much safer.

Remember that are both come with their own set of risks and dangers. The key is to always wear protective gear and be alert while biking.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you’re more likely to get hurt while mountain biking like a sprained waist but, the chance of a severe injury or death worse comes from road riding. Do use common sense when out biking and take the normal safety precautions when out biking and this will limit the severity of the injury if you have an incident.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on is road biking or mountain biking more dangerous was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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