What To Bring On A Mountain Bike Ride?

When you are preparing for a biking trip whether you are riding on a trail or exploring the countryside, you should always aim to bring the tools and supplies to deal with any issues or mishaps that may occur. And more than likely they will be an issue at some stage.

If you enjoy spending all day on the trails you should plan and pack accordingly. You do need to bring food and importantly water. As well as a few tools to help fix any issues with the bike. Like most tools, these items are only useful if you know how to use them.

In this post, we will go through what to bring on a mountain bike ride. Let’s get started!

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What To Bring On A Mountain Bike Ride?

There are several pieces of gear, and tools, that are essential to have with you on a mountain bike ride in the event of any issues. These are as follows.

Waterproof Backpack

There is always the potential for rain, so keeping your gear dry is important. There are loads of waterproof backpacks and waterproof dry bags available to protect your stuff from the rain. This can be very useful.

Bring Plenty Of Water

Mountain biking can be a very challenging activity, you need to bring pretty water and also make sure you have enough food for the entire ride.

The hydration packs carry more water than water bottles and these can easily be mounted to your bike frame.

Bring Enough Food

Bring enough food for the ride. You should bring a good balance of quick energy and slower burning and protein-rich foods that will keep you going all day.

You don’t want to overdo the carbohydrates since you can only absorb between 30 and 90 grams per hour. If you take in more, you increase the chances of an upset stomach with the carbohydrate sloshing around your belly.

Bring Your Phone

Phones can come in handy if something goes wrong while on your riding trip. Plus smartphones can do a lot of things like there are apps that can track your speed and performance while biking.

Firstly, you can keep your phone in a waterproof case and put it in something that can protect where it won’t be damaged in a fall.

You should make sure that your phone is fully charged. Even bring a power bank especially if you are using the GPS for recording ride stats as this can drain your battery fairly quickly.

Bring Money

Bring some money along when going on the bike ride, it can come in handy. If you biking with a group, you might stop somewhere to eat or for a drink.

Bring Sunscreen

Better safe than sorry. Even on cloudy days, a small bottle of sunscreen is something you should bring with you. And you should actually use it.

Spare Tubes And A Patch Kit

Getting a puncture is common with mountain biking. By carrying a couple of spare inner tubes, even if riding tubeless, and also bring a puncture repair kit just in case you get a flat.

It is also useful to bring alley keys, tire lever, tire pump, chain lube, derailleur hanger, and zip-ties.

Bring A Tire Pump

Bring a tire pump comes in handy especially if you have to use a spare tube. They will get you up and rolling quicker.

Tire Lever

Anyone who’s worked in a shop prides themselves on the ability to install and remove tires by hand, but some stubborn tires require a tire lever. Keeping one or two handles is a no-brainer.

Bring A Tool Kit

Just bring a tool kit can be a godsend when things go wrong. It should contain a tire lever, a bike-specific multitool, and zip-ties. Riders going on long mountain bike rides might want to carry additional tools.

  • Allen wrench set.
  • Leatherman tool (pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutter, beer opener, knife).
  • Chain tool.
  • A multi-tool with the bits that will allow you to work on all the nuts and bolts on your bike.

Having enough tools to be self-sufficient if there is a problem when out biking.

Chain Lube

Lubing your bike chain regularly is important. It should be done at least every few rides as this ensures smooth shifting and quiet operation of your bicycle’s drivetrain.

Whereas a dry chain increases friction which means you will be working harder.

Bring A Light

A puncture or other mechanical problem can happen at caught night. Bike light or torch will be useful especially if you unexpectedly get caught out after dark.

A quality backlight will make others see you a lot easier at night when out biking on the streets or on a trail.

Bring A First Aid Kit

Again, this is stating the obvious. Bring a basic first-aid kit and the knowledge of how to use it. There are a number of first aid kits available. Things can go wrong when out biking.

Do Not Overpack

Try not to overpack for your biking ride. It could become too heavy and may feel uncomfortable. Bring the essentials like any medication, food, spare tubes, toolkit, water, and what else you think you will need.

Wrapping Up

Finally, if you take the above with you, you should have no problems with long mountain bike rides. Everything on the above list does serve a purpose but all of them are not necessarily needed. But over time you will learn what you need and what you don’t need.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on what to bring on a mountain bike ride was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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