Best Mountain Bike GPS Apps For iPhone And Android

Everyone these days has a smartphone from your 70-year-old next-door neighbor down to your 10-year-old nephew. The question is what can’t a smartphone not do. Today, there is a wide range of apps available for iPhone and Android to monitor and record your bike ride.

We will try and help you to get the most out of your mountain biking and your smartphone. We have compiled a list of the best mountain biking GPS apps that we are using for our rides. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, there is definitely an app for you.

In this post, we will go through some of the best mountain bike GPS apps available for iPhone and Android. Let’s get started!

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Best Mountain Bike GPS Apps

These are our top picks below for mountain bike GPS apps for Android and iPhone. You can scroll down for more in-depth reviews of these apps.

Map My RideYesYesFree/Premium
Cyclemeter Cycling GPSYesYesFree/Premium


  • Price: Free.
  • Premium: Yes requires joining the Relive Club.
  • Connect other apps: Yes, Suunto, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, Polar, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, MapMyHike, and MapMyWalk.

Relive is one of the top apps for runners, cyclists, and hikers. This app not only tracks your GPS when out mountain biking but also allows users to create amazing stories and share their activities with 3D video stories. And it’s free!

Relive also works well with many other tracker apps like Strava, Apple Health, etc.

Relive App Mountain Biking

Main Features

Tracks your activities with phone GPS.

  • Track your ride, run, walk, hike, or any activity really.
  • See your key stats and location in real-time.
  • Take photos during your activity.

Create 3D Video Stories.

  • Turn your activity into a video story.
  • See your route in a 3D landscape.
  • Include photos of you and your friends.
  • Share your videos with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Connect with other apps.

  • Turn new activities from other apps into Relive video stories.
  • More trackers will be added soon!

Relive Club (premium).

  • Music: Add music to your videos.
  • Interactive route: explore every detail in 3D.
  • Import: old activities, turn them into video stories.
  • More photos: add up to 50 photos to your video.
  • Longer activities: Relive activities over 10 hours.
  • Unlimited memories.
  • Edit your videos as many times as you want.

Map My Ride GPS Cycling Riding

  • Price: Free.
  • Premium: Premium features available.
  • Connect other apps: Yes, Google Fit, Android Wear, Garmin, Fitbit, Suunto, etc.

MapMyRide tracks every ride via GPS. Resulting in providing feedback and stats on your performance. You can discover new workout routes and save or share your favorites and get inspired to reach new cycling goals with a 40 million-member strong community of athletes.

Under Armour Mountain Biking

Main Features

Track your activities

  • Get audio feedback on every GPS-tracked ride and view the route you took on the map.
  • Choose from over 600 different sports to keep a full log of all your activities.
  • Use the Routes feature to find nearby places to ride, save your favorite paths, add new ones, and share them with others.

Analyze your performance

  • Gain in-depth insights on every workout, with detailed stats including pace, distance, duration, calorie burn, elevation, and more.
  • Keep an eye on your progress by reviewing your previous workouts.
  • Set personal goals and adjust them as you improve with each ride.

Premium Features

  • Reach your cycling goal with a personal training plan which adapts dynamically to your fitness level as you improve.
  • Monitor and analyze your Heart Rate zones to adjust your training based on your goal.
  • Keep distractions to your training to a minimum with no ads.
  • Create custom splits based on the distance you want to track.
  • Access additional premium features on


  • Price: Free
  • Premium: GoPro PLUS subscribers

Not really a GPS tracker but with this app, you can offload your latest HERO and 360 footage and start creating right away. Capture from hard-to-reach places by controlling your GoPro from a distance, and check out your shots right from your phone.

Get pro-level edits and that GoPro looks with game-changing effects. Use Reframe to transform your 360 footage into kickass traditional photos or videos. Then, share the magic.

gopro app

Main Features

Control your GoPro from a distance

  • Frame the perfect shot with live preview, and get full remote control of camera functions. Easily adjust settings, start and stop recording, and more—all from your phone.
  • Save space and time. View your photos and videos right on your phone, and choose what you want to offload beforehand.

Offload from anywhere and edit

  • The app easily moves the latest footage from your camera to your phone, even when you’re off the grid.
  • Your footage instantly transforms into an awesome shareable video. Choose a theme and get unique effects, transitions, and music.
  • Trim for the parts you want in your videos and cut out the rest.
  • Capture incredible photos from any of your 360 or traditional videos by grabbing a frame.

Get game-changing horizon leveling

  • Adjust the horizon in your videos to keep it level—whether you’re getting sideways, running, or doing backflips.
  • Play with color, stickers, and more to take your video to the next level.
  • Use Reframe to experiment with infinite perspectives. Choose the best moments with the tap of a keyframe, and instantly create videos with cinematic transitions. Then get a traditional video you can share.

Share the shot on the spot, and send it live

  • Post your favorite photos and videos right to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube™, and more. Or share them by text or email.
  • Share epic moments on the social right as they happen. Live stream on Facebook, YouTube, and compatible video platforms that support an RTMP URL

Unlimited cloud backup—automatically

  • GoPro PLUS subscribers can save everything to the cloud. All in their original quality and access their cloud library anytime, anywhere.


  • Price: Free.
  • Premium: Premium features available.
  • Connect other apps: Yes.

Strava is another popular app for runners and cyclists. This app records your ride, maps a cycling route & analyzes your training with all the stats activities with GPS. And it’s free.

You can join the Strava Community with millions of users.

Stavina App Mountain Biking

Main Features


  • Track running, cycling, and swimming: Compare your performance over time.
  • Track distance, pace, speed, elevation gained and calories burned on every run.
  • Mile counter: Use your Android device or pretty much every GPS device out there.

Connect And Share

  • Record your bike ride on your Strava feed so friends & followers can comment & share their own.
  • Join Clubs of brands, teams, and friends for activities & growing communities.
  • Show off your route & share photos of your adventures


  • Get customizable training & workout plans. Run that marathon or set your own distance, time or segment goals.
  • Get live feedback to help you train safer & perform better.
  • Dive deep into your data with advanced analysis & extensive performance metrics


  • Price: Free.
  • Connect other apps: No, can share routes, rides & trails with friends, share via QRCode.

Trailforks is a mountain bike trail database with over 50,000 trails. Users contribute data and then local trail associations have the control to approve & curate the data. Fully integrated with the world’s largest MTB bike website,

It allows you to download offline trail maps for use on your rides!

Trailforks App Mountain Biking

Main Features

  • The largest database of mountain bike trails in the world, including thousands of biking-related POIs.
  • Offline trail maps and info. Region updates are incremental and fast.
  • See your GPS location on the map, for trail navigation.
  • Display trail & route elevation profiles and ‘scrub’ along them to see the location on the map.
  • View local routes that local bikers have created.
  • View trail ride logs from users and discovers how to ride a new trail.
  • Automatic trail routing from your location (or nearest parking lot), to the trailhead of your choosing.
  • Sync and view your saved ‘Ride Plans’ from
  • Lookup region & trail info including routes, photos, videos & more.
  • View trail status & reports! Always be informed of up-to-date trail conditions & closures.
  • Submit trail reports & conditions from the app, including taking photos of trail issues.
  • View nearby bike shops on the map, quick links for directions, or phone the shop.
  • View trails on a map color-coded by popularity.
  • Support the areas you ride, by donating ‘Trail Karma’.
  • View custom worldwide topo maps designed for mountain biking with contours.

Cyclemeter Cycling GPS

  • Price: Free.
  • Connect other apps: No, but can share on Facebook, Twitter, Strava, and MyFitnessPal to share your workouts online.

The Cyclemeter is a pretty advanced app. It turns your phone into a powerful fitness computer with maps, graphs, splits, intervals, laps, announcements, zones, training plans, and more. This mountain bike GPS app can do more.

Experience core features and dependability for free, then upgrade to Elite to add advanced features.

Cyclemeter Cycle App Mountain Biking

Main Features

Android/iPhone Powered

  • Records an unlimited number of workouts — years of workouts only take up the space of a few songs.
  • No website log in is required.
  • Swipe across the stopwatch to see pages of stats, maps, and graphs – completely configurable.
  • View your workouts on a calendar, and by routes and activities.
  • View bar and pie charts summarizing all your workouts.
  • Analyze your workouts on your iPad, updated with your latest data using iCloud.


  • Exclude stopped time with automatic stop detection.
  • View terrain and traffic maps with Google Maps.
  • Record heart rate, bike speed, bike cadence, and bike power with sensors.
  • Records steps all day and cadence during workouts using your iPhone 5S or later.
  • Automatically record the weather.
  • Start and stop with your earphone remote.

Train And Plan

  • Supports cycling, running, walking, skating, skiing, and many other activities.
  • Keep on track with extremely configurable interval training, zones, and targets.
  • Set up repeating intervals, pyramid intervals, or tempo workouts.
  • Analyze your split, interval, and zone performance.
  • Includes 5K, 10, half, and marathon running plans.
  • Design your own training plans.
  • Synchronize your plan with your iPhone calendar and your online calendars.

Analyze Online

  • View the Workout Explorer on your computer or on your iPhone.
  • Share by email, Twitter, Facebook, Strava, and MyFitnessPal.
  • View within the app on any Info page for a workout.
  • View your graph, splits, intervals, zones, and more.
  • Select a zone to see your map path drawn with zone colors.


  • Post workouts to iOS Health app.
  • Use email, Facebook, Twitter, Strava, and MyFitnessPal to share your workouts online.
  • Automatically keep family and friends notified of your location and progress.
  • Hear replies from family, coaches, and friends spoken using text-to-speech.
  • Share your workout calendar with your friends and coaches.

Wrapping Up

Finally, there are a lot of amazing apps available for free that can track your biking performance. That all more with features to share and ways to improve your performance. They all generally track your performance and provide stats and maps that will help to get the most out of your ride.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on the best mountain bike GPS apps was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Best Mountain Bike GPS Apps