26 Mongoose Dolomite Review – Mountain Bike Review

Are you looking for a new mountain bike and are thinking about the Mongoose Dolomite mountain bike. Mongoose founded in 1974 has a history of developing a top range of mountain bikes. Mongoose bikes can push the limits of what a rider can do.

The Mongoose Dolomite bike is built for all terrains whether it is for mountain biking on trails or commuting to work on city roads. The 4-inch thick tires will create a more cushiony ride that will put the fun back into your trail or everyday ride.

In this post, we will go through the 26″ Mongoose Dolomite mountain bike in this review, and you can go biking with confidence. Let’s get started!

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26 Mongoose Dolomite Review

Mongoose Dolomite fat tire bike is growing in popularity not only because of the good entry price but as the good alternative cars or public transports to work.

Let us explore the features.


The Mongoose Dolomite comes with seven speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur, which helps with climbing the hills. There are lightweight alloy rims that not only keep the weight down but also improve the speed and performance.

There are also front and rear disc brakes for improved safety.

Frame MaterialSteel Frame
Bike TypeFat Mountain Bike
Suspension typeRigid
Speed7 Speed
Wheel Size26
BrakesDual Disc Brakes

Affordable Price

The fact that you can purchase a good quality bike at that price is really unbelievable. The latest price can be seen here on Amazon.

You get a solid steel frame as well as supersized size tires on lightweight alloy rims, a 7 speed Shimano rear derailleur, and good quality front and rear disc brakes. It is a good deal.

Bike Weight

The bike weight is around 48 lbs. A bit on the heavy side. One of the main problems with a heavy bike is it takes more pedal power to go further. The bike isn’t too bad to pedal.

If it is an issue the bike is easy to do upgrades and you can replace the tires and drill the wheels to knock off a few lbs. The front-wheels weight is around 11.6 lbs and the rear wheel is around 13.4 lbs. That is almost half the weight of the bike.

The Fat Tires and Wheels

Wheels are 26″ diameter and the fat tires a 4″ in thickness. The low pressure of the tires makes the tires much softer, folding over bumps instead of rolling over them. This makes the ride very smooth and comfortable.

Easy To Assemble

The bike is easy to assemble. It comes with step by step manual and photos for easy assembly. The bike will come partially assembled but you will need to attach the front wheel, handlebar, seat, and pedals.

Easy To Upgrade

The Mongoose Dolomite is easy to change and upgrade parts of the bike such as the wheel or the rear derailleur.

This is important because upgrading components can not only reduce the weight of a bike but can change the way your bike reacts and performs when you are out riding it.

Mongoose Dolomite Pros & Cons


  • The very affordable entry-level price.
  • Tough, strong, and light steel frame.
  • Good thick tires with lots of treads.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Comfortable saddle.
  • Easy assemble.


  • Very heavy wheelset and tires.
  • The bike in general feels heavy.
  • The 7-speed gear ratio is a little low.
  • Replacement components are cheap.
  • Recommended rider height for the Dolomite Fat Tire Bike is 5’6″ to 6′ tall.

Common Questions

Question: How much does Mongoose Dolomite bike fat bike weigh?

Answer: Its weight is 48 lbs.

Question: What is the frame size of this bike?

Answer: The frame is a 17″ frame and the wheels are 26″.

Question: Does this bike have a cassette or freewheel?

Answer: Mongoose Dolomite has a 7 geared freewheel ranging from 14 to 28 teeth.

Question: Do the tires on this bike come inflated out of the box?

Answer: Yes, the tires come inflated out of the box.

Question: How is this bike for biking on pavement and around the neighborhood?

Answer: The wide tire on the bike provides the ability to ride on multiple terrains. On pavement, the big tires perform flawlessly!

Wrapping Up

Finally, Mongoose Dolomite fat bike as a whole is a pretty good bike with good performance and plenty of other features, especially at the price it can be bought for.

But there are some considers that need to be considered. The first is that there are no options if you are taller than 6′ or smaller the 5’6″. The next would be the weight of the bike.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on 26 Mongoose Dolomite reviews was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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26 Mongoose Dolomite Review