Mountain Biking Tips For Beginners – Mistakes That You Will Make

Starting to get into mountain biking but there are mistakes that you will make as a beginner. Mountain biking requires a combination of fitness and developing bike-handling skills. As someone who is new to mountain biking, you may be still learning how to perform a smoother ride.

Although wise people say that we can learn from our mistakes, it will be better if we can avoid them. You need to practice and time to develop your bike skills. You don’t need to be the fittest person in the world but it takes time to develop the technical skills that translate into a better ride.

In this post, we will go through mountain biking tips for beginners, and you can go biking with confidence. Let’s get started!

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Mountain Biking Tips For Beginners

Mountain biking takes practice to develop the necessary biking skills. There are a few common mistakes that every beginner will more than like make. Here are some of the common mistakes.

Wearing Safely Gear

This is the most important tip and that is your safety while out riding your bike. Make sure you get a good quality helmet and actually use it. This is important to protect your head in case you have an accident or fall on the bike.

Mountain Biking Helmet with Glasses

As well as that you can get glasses to protect your eyes and full-fingered gloves for your hands. I also recommend investing in getting a good hydration pack, other than the convenience but it also pads your spine a bit in a crash.

Not Knowing Your Bike

Starting off make sure your bike fits you. This means checking if your saddle is too high or your handlebars are set too low or too high.

If the saddle is too high it will affect your imbalance, whereas on the other hand if it is too low it will strain your muscles and knee. The same for the handlebars.

Over-Tightening Components

One of the most common errors is over-tightening components. Today, bikes are built much better and lighten material like carbon fiber than what was used in the past.

For that reason, especially new bikers may not have learned and developed the necessary knowledge and skills and that might lead to over-tightening the components. They might think that the torque tightening still may feel loose and weak.

Over-tightening components can also be dangerous as they won’t provide movement when you may inevitably crash.

Spending Too Much On Bike Components

The next common mistake is spending too much on a bike component. This is probably not a problem for those with loads of money. Not all of us are blessed with loads of money.

Bicycle Diagram of Component

However, if you have more of a limited budget, it is advised to think about which components or upgrades that you feel that you will find will be more beneficial and which are not. For example, fancy carbon bars that will cost a lot will not actually enhance your riding experience by much.

It would be properly better to invest in new tires than carbon bars. New riders may consider tires as unsexy components. But, they play a big role in controlling your bike and improve its speed.

Another vital upgrade that you can consider adding is a decent front mudguard.

Not Carrying Spares And Tools

Being reluctant to carry spares and tools is another common mistake new riders make. They think that just because they are riding a new bike, there won’t be any problems.

Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Even when it’s a new bike, things can and will happen. Many riders when having a trip to pretty amazing places, end up stranded in those places just because they forgot or were reluctant to carry spares, tools, etc.

At least, you have to carry some basics such as tire levers, an inner tube, and a pump. Bringing these tools is very important especially if you go on a long bike ride.

Not Looking Ahead

The majority of crashes happen because bikers are too focused on the front tire and not enough on what is coming down the track. As a result, they don’t see unexpected obstacles in time to react.

You want to be able to anticipate what you are going to do next, whether it’s changing your gears or adjusting your speed. It’s a sport that requires practice to gain experience in order to become proficient.

Incorrect Tire Pressure

The next mistake is too much pressure put into the tires. Most new mountain bikers will have made this mistake. The pressure you put on your tires should be dependent on your style and the condition of the trail.

Generally, mountain biking requires medium tire pressure. Too high pressure will not only increase your discomfort but will surely drastically reduce your grip.

The ideal pressure for mountain bikes is around 30psi. You can adjust the pressure but too far away from 30 psi. It is okay to try an error approach to find the best level of comfort and grip while not being too low.

Talking about tire pressure, it is very important to check it regularly using the same gauge. At least, whenever you want to go for a ride, you should check the tire pressure as well as checking the other things.

Time On Bike

This is the only thing that will make you get better. The more you ride the more experience you gain. You will gain critical skills and will learn to handle challenging situations like flat tires to bring along the correct spares and tools.

Wrapping Up

Finally, now that you have learned about a few common mistakes as a mountain biking beginner. The reality is that you will make mistakes but you can reduce the number of mistakes you make. It takes practice and time to develop the technical bike skills to have an efficient ride.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on mountain biking tips for beginners – mistakes that you will make was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Mountain Biking Tips For Beginners