How To Get Into Mountain Biking?

The easiest way to get into mountain biking is to just go for it. If it is possible a friend might be into mountain biking and can show you the ropes. Where you can borrow one of their bikes and even borrow some of their gear and follow them around on the easiest trails you can find.

If it is a case that you do not know anybody that is into or has a mountain bike. You may have to rent from a bike shop which will include the gear. It is a cheaper solution than just going out buying a brand new mountain bike especially when you want to try it out for a while.

In this post, we will go through how to get into mountain biking. Let’s get started!

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There Are 2 Questions To Ask Yourself First

There are 2 common questions you should ask yourself before starting to go biking. These can help in choosing where to start.

Where Can You Ride?

You need to find out if there are any biking trails in your area. If so, how challenging are those trails? Are the roads and driving environment are dangerous. If drivers, in general, are courteous, and the roads are wide enough for cars and bikes at the same time, then hit the road.

Who Can You Ride With?

Riding with friends or with groups makes the biking experience better and more fun. It also helps with planning schedules and goals which are way more fun than grinding it out alone.

Social Benefits of Mountain Biking

How To Get Into Mountain Biking?

Before getting into mountain biking, you should be aware that it is a physically and financially demanding sport, especially when starting off. However, there are a few key tips that will help you to get into mountain biking.

Rent A Bike First

Go and rent a bike first and go out on a trail or the road as this will allow you to experience the biking before you go and fully invest in it. If you find a good bike shop, they should be able to help you pick one out and figure out what you need.

Create A Small Checklist Before Buying

You should create a small checklist of equipment you might need before buying. This will help you with budgeting and making sure you have not forgotten anything. The list should contain some of the following.

  1. Gear.
  2. Bike.
  3. Bike pump.
  4. Spare tubes.
  5. Tools – Allen keys.
  6. Water bottle or hydro pack.
  7. Find a club or bike group.

Get A Mountain Biking

If you are happy to invest in buying a mountain bike, again find a good local bike shop. The bike shop will be able to help you pick a suitable bike that fits your requirements. And help with getting the right size it for you, check the seat height, shocks, tires, bars, and so on.

Get A Helmet That Fits Properly

When buying a mountain bike for the first time, getting a good one should be a top priority. This is health and safety and in a lot of places, it is required by law. Don’t be afraid to try on the helmets when buying your mountain bike, if you are using a local bike shop they will be able to help regards this.

It is one of the main reasons to buy your first bike from the local bike shop than online you will be able to try things out and get advice along the way.

Mountain Biking Helmet with Glasses

Join A Club

One of the best things to do is to find and join the local mountain biking club. It is a great way to meet other people who have similar interests in mountain biking meeting new people. Also, you can learn a lot from the people you meet in the club.

You can these clubs you can try searching on Facebook or ask your local bike shop.

Prepare A Survival Bike

You might get some scratches and bruises on your first couple of rides, so prepare for light abrasions. It’s also a good idea to carry water, a bike repair kit, and a phone with you when you ride.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I hope this article covering how to get into mountain biking was useful. You should remember that physically and financially can be demanding. Start out by renting a mountain bike or borrow a friends bike and use it on a local trail. If after that you are happy to buy a mountain bike, then you should.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on how to get into Mountain Biking was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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How To Get Into Mountain Biking