How To Look Up Bike By Serial Number?

Almost all bicycles have a bike serial number that helps to identify the bike. It is especially useful if the bike gets stolen or if you want to verify that the bike is not being reported stolen. How to look up bikes by serial number?

Almost all bicycles will have a unique identification number all so known as a bike serial number engraved on the bottom of its bottom bracket on the frame. You are looking for a number that is around six and ten digits long. And you need to register and can check the serial number in the bicycle registers database.

In this post, we will go through how to look up bikes by serial number. Let’s get started!

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What Do Bike Serial Numbers Look Like?

The bike serial number is commonly found under the bottom bracket. It consists of a row of numbers that can range from six to ten digits long. The first few numbers normally represent the year, the next numbers represent the month, and the remaining numbers represent a unique ID of that bike.

The Location Of Your Bike Serial Number?

The major of bike serial numbers are located under the crank. This is where the pedal cranks come together. Here is the possible location of the serial number on your bike.

  1. Bottom of the crank.
  2. Rear stays.
  3. Top of crank.
  4. Seat downtube.
  5. Headset.

What To Do With You Bikes Serial Number?

When you get a new bike you need to find the bike serial number. Once you have found the number you need to do a number of things. These are as follows.

  • You need to take a picture of the serial number and store it somewhere like Dropbox or email yourself the photo.
  • It is also advised that you take a picture of yourself with the bike.
  • You also need to register the bike on a bike registar database to counter bike theft. These registers are either operated by public bodies or private companies. You need to check it for your area. Here is a list of bicycle registers.

How Can I Find Out If A Bike Is Stolen?

To find out if a bike is stolen you need to get the bike’s serial number. And then check it with the bicycle registers database in your area as well as the checking with the police. You would also ask to see if the seller has any photos of them with the bike.

You are looking for red flags such as if the price is too good of a price or if the seller seems to struggle to give information on the bike.

Is It Worth Reporting Stolen Bike?

The reality is that once a bike is stolen, it’s rare that the owner will get it back. With that, not many people report that their bike was stolen. But yes you should report it to the local police and update the information with the bicycle registers. You might be the lucky one that will get your bike back.

How Can I Tell What Year My Bike Was Made?

The easiest way to find the year is to look for the bike’s serial number. The serial number is engraved onto the bike during the manufacturing process. The first few numbers of the serial number normally represent the year the bike is made. If that does not work you can ask the owner or go to your local bike shop.

Wrapping Up

Finally, almost all bicycles will have a unique identification number which is also known as a bike serial number. This is normally engraved on the bottom of the crank on the frame. You are looking for a number that is around six and ten digits long. And then you need to register it with a bike register.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on how to look up a bike by serial number was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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How To Look Up Bike By Serial Number