Where To Put A Bike Lock While Riding?

When you are out riding your bike, there are times that you need to stop into a shop or leave your bike somewhere while you visit someone’s apartment. While you are away from your bike you will need to lock your bike to something. That does leave the problem of where to put a bike lock while biking. So, where to put a bike lock while riding?

There are a number of places you can put your bike lock such as you can put your lock into your backpack. Also, you can lock or wrap your lock on the bike frame. And there is another option where you can use a pannier bag to carry your lock.

In this post, we will go through where to put a bike lock while riding. Let’s get started!

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Where To Put A Bike Lock While Riding?

There is a good range of bike locks that are available with some that are designed for ease when out biking where you can put your bike lock while out riding. While there are other locks that are bigger and heavier can be hard to carry around when out biking.

There are a number of places where you can put your lock while riding, these are as follows.

  • Bring in your backpack.
  • Wrap the lock around your bike frame.
  • Use a pannier bag.
  • Leave a lock at your destination.

Bring In Your Backpack

The easiest way to bring a lock around with you is to use your backpack. It is a hands-free and cheap solution that does not require any additions to your bike. The downside is that not everyone uses or wants to carry a backpack when out biking.

Wrap The Lock Around Your Bike Frame

The next option is that you can wrap or lock the lock to your bike frame. If you have a cable chain lock for your bike you can wrap it around the top bar of the frame or under your seat.

While a u-lock can be locked around the seat post or handlebar but it might be annoying as it may be a little loose and move when cycling. With u-locks, you can get a u-lock mount that is easy to attach to your bike frame or handlebar.

Use A Pannier Bag

Pannier bags are also a good way to carry a lock around when you are out riding your bike. There are easy to install onto your bike. If you are planning to get a pannier bag you should look out for that it is sturdy and waterproof.

Leave A Lock At Your Destination

If you biking to work or somewhere regularly it might be a good idea to leave a lock there especially if it is a heavy-duty lock.

Are There Any Thief Proof Bike Locks?

No, even the best locks on the market are not going to hold against a thief that has the right tools and skills. In saying that, it does pay to get a good quality heavy-duty bike lock.

And make sure that you secure your bike to something that is not movable such as a signpost, large tree, bike rack securely fastened to the ground, and so on.

You should remember that thieves are opportunistic meaning they are looking for an easy target to steal and are less likely to try and steal a bike that is securely locked.

Are U-locks More Secure Than Cable Bike Locks?

Both have different cons and pros depending on the situation. Generally, a good quality u-lock is generally a better option than a cable lock. But it even may not be as secure as a top-of-the-line cable lock. This very much depends on your needs and situation.

You should remember that if you need to secure the bike to something with a diameter larger than your u-lock then the u-lock will be useless. While on the other hand, a chain lock can easily reach.

Wrapping Up

Finally, there are a number of places you can put your bike lock such as you can put your lock into your backpack. Personally, I prefer to lock and wrap my chain lock around the frame of the bike. I know that I will not forget the lock by accident.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on where to put a bike lock while riding was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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