What You Should Never Do On Your Mountain Bike?

The easiest thing to do, to get into mountain biking is to just buy a bike and off you go. But there are rules that are not necessarily written down and there is an etiquette that should be respected when out and about. These are important in maintaining a certain order and respect that everyone understands.

You don’t want to be that mountain biker when you are out riding. If you keep a few rules in mind while out riding, you won’t be that guy. These rules include not cycling too fast, littering, or not been prepared for mechanical issues.

In this post, we will go through things you should never do on your mountain bike. Let’s get started!

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Things You Should Never Do On Your Mountain Bike?

Before setting out on your mountain bike, you should be aware of the rules. Here are things that you should not do when you are out on your bike. These are as follows.

  • Been over confident.
  • Cycling too fast.
  • Answering your phone.
  • Don’t become an obstacle by stopping and blocking the trail.
  • Unprepared for a mechanical problem.
  • Do not litter.
  • Riding without a helmet.
  • Encountering slower riders.
  • Breaking traffic laws.
  • Drink and ride.
  • Never assume a driver at a junction has seen you.
  • Do not carry an extra person.
  • Forgetting to have fun.
  • Riding on footpaths or sidewalks.

Been Over Confident

This is a mountain biker’s worse enemy. The problem with been overconfident is that you will do something that is not within your ability.

And it may or will cause a bad crash and a bad injury but it also may result in injuring another rider or bystander.

Cycling Too Fast

Going too fast will not only endanger yourself but can affect other trail and road users. When you are going too fast you have less time to react to obstacles that may be in the path. Such as other bikers or someone walking on the trail.

The speed you are cycling needs to be restricted and as your experience grows then go a bit faster.

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Answering Your Phone

Today, everyone carries a phone with them everywhere. This doesn’t mean that you should be talking with the phone in one hand been held to your ear and biking at the same time.

This can affect your balance with only one hand on the handlebar and this affects other road users. If you have to take a phone call when out biking, then use a hands-free kit.

Don’t Become An Obstacle By Stopping And Blocking The Trail

If you have a crash or puncture, don’t just block the trail while trying to fix it because if another rider comes flying down it you don’t really want to be in the way.

So just move your bike off the trail and go to the side while you fix it. It is safer for everyone.

Unprepared For A Mechanical Problem

Be prepared for problems while out riding. Bring an extra tube, puncture repair kit and multi-tool are must-haves, as well as the knowledge to fix all the basic mishaps, from flat tires to broken chains.

Do Not Litter

Don’t just throw away your sweet wrappers, drinks cans, punctured inner tubes, and broken chains. Put it in your bag and then put it in the nearest bin.

Remember litter looks bad, can damage the environment as well as the wildlife.

Riding Without A Helmet

This is just common sense. If you get into an accident and hit your head on the ground, then you’re dealing with a concussion or worse.

Just wear a helmet.

Encountering Slower Riders

You will encounter slower riders. They might be less experienced than you or just out for a quiet ride.

Just call out in a friendly way that you’d like to pass, allow them time to pull over to the side safely, then say thank you when they let you go by.

Encountering slower riders

Breaking Traffic Laws

Traffic laws are there for a reason to protect all road users. There is an impression that cyclists don’t obey the rules of the road.

Please okay, the rules of the road meaning don’t just cycle through red lights or pedestrian crossings.

Drink And Ride

Drinking alcohol and then going for a ride, not only endangers yourself but also endangers other people. With one or two drinks you might get away with it, remember cycling while alcoholically impaired is a great way to get killed or have an accident.

Never Assume A Driver At A Junction Has Seen You

Assuming a driver at a junction has seen you, is just asking for trouble. If you watch the driver you’ll learn to notice the signs that the driver has not seen you.

Do Not Carry An Extra Person

You will sometimes see cyclists carry a second person on their handlebars. It is very dangerous and if there is an accident or crash, more than likely the injuries will be worse.

And the person on the handlebars will properly not be wearing any safety gear.

Forgetting To Have Fun

Mountain biking is all about having fun. A shortlist of very simple rules that are easy to follow equals more fun and enjoyment for everyone.

Mountain Biking is a Good Workout

Riding On Footpaths Or Sidewalks

Biking on the sidewalk is generally permitted. If you do ride on the sidewalk, go slow and give way to pedestrians and always ride on the side nearer to the road. Take more care when riding on sidewalks.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I hope this article covering things not to do when out on your bike was useful. You should remember that there are other trails and road users, just be respectful when crossing paths with them. And follow basic etiquette like not littering or answering the phone while on the bike.

If you take this advice on board, you will not be that guy who is ruining it for everyone.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on what you should never do on your mountain bike was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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