Is It Better To Put Bike Light On Helmet Or Handlebar?

Bike helmets are considered mandatory equipment for cycling. And the handlebar is necessary to control the bike but what about lights on a mountain bike and where should you put the light on your helmet or on your handlebars. It’s not a common question but it is a good question.

Lights are not required by law but accessories like the lights can improve the safety level when riding your bike. It will increase your visibility and not only gives you a better riding experience but it also gives you more riding time. The handlebar is for visibility and a helmet for illumination.

In this post, we will go through is it better to have a bike light mounted on your helmet or handlebar. Let’s get started!

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Put Bike Light On Helmet Or Handlebar?

I would not say it is an age-old question but riding on mountain bike trails at night or even dark country roads can bring a certain challenge, especially visibility. Not only does a good light give you a better riding experience but it gives you more riding time.

Type Of Lights You Need On Your Bike

The law states that a bike should be equipped with a red rear light and a white front light. Bike laws are different from state to state and each country has its own laws on bikes.

In addition to the lights, reflectors mounted on the wheels and on the back of the saddles are also important although it is not included in the law.

As for lights on your mountain bike, there is no more requirement suggested by the law. It should be noted that different regions may have different local regulations about the specific types of lights a bike should have including the intensity of the lights.

A Bike Helmet Light Or Handlebar Light

First, let’s talk about mountain bike helmet lights, actually, they are not required. It does not mean that using them is not beneficial. There are some benefits, though.

If you are practicing off-road riding, a bike helmet light can provide some advantages.

When you are riding at night, the light can illuminate the trail and the road, helping you look in a different direction. Sometimes, you may need to see what’s happening on your sides and the light mounted on your helmet can do the job.

Some riders use the bike helmet light to let people know their presence but it is actually not effective for the purpose. Some people also mount a light on the back of their helmets. It is okay but it cannot replace the regular rear lights.

What about a handlebar light? Just like the helmet lights, handlebar lights also provide added visibility for bikers who enjoy riding at night or when visibility is reduced. The lights can be mounted over the ends of the handlebar grips or in the middle of the handlebar.

Generally, they can be turned on by pressing a button. The lights come in various colors or even color-changing Disc-O. Some of them are red flashing while others are glowing.

Which One Is Better?

As mentioned previously, a helmet bike is not really required. The main function of a bike light is to help you see and be seen.

A helmet bike can obviously see your surrounding but when your head position is not straight upward (let’s say when you are turning your head down), people can’t see you.

The general rule of thumb is handlebar for visibility and helmet for illumination.

What To Look For In A Light?

Although handlebars lights are recommended, you can use helmet lights for added visibility. When choosing the best light for your bike, you should also consider other things.

For example, you might want to have an LED light, instead of the traditional one. More importantly, think about the battery capacity.

There are two important things to look at in the batteries. First, they should be powerful enough and second, it’s better to have the ones which are rechargeable.

Wrapping Up

Finally, those are the main considerations of deciding between a bike light mounted on your helmet or handlebar. Remember as a general rule of thumb is a handlebar for visibility and a helmet for illumination. It is worth trying both out to see which better suits you.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on is it better to put a bike light on your helmet or handlebar was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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Bike Light Mounted On Your Helmet or Handlebar?