How To Grease Bike Crank Bearings On A Mountain Bike?

As part of owning a mountain bike, there is the job of maintaining and repairing your mountain bike. This is especially important when you hear strange noises coming when you are pedaling. This does require a little confidence and knowledge of bike parts to grease bike crank bearings.

Experiencing strange creaks and noises coming from the pedal area can be quite annoying when out riding the bike. This could be a simple solution to grease the crank bearings or it could indicate that there could be a more serious problem that could cause an accident and more damage to your mountain bike.

This post will go through how to grease bike crank bearings on a mountain bike. Let’s get started!

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What Are Bearings?

A bearing is a part that helps objects where there is motion or rotation. And it helps with reducing friction between moving parts. As well as providing support bearing also allow for smoother movement and rotation.

How Long Do Bicycle Crank Bearings Last?

The bearings should last longer than the bike. This is assuming that the bike is looked after and well maintained. Plus that it is protected from the elements such as bad weather like heavy rain.

How Do You Know If Your Bearings Are Bad?

Bearings that have been worn out lose their smoothness and become dry which results there been strange creaks and noises. If the noises are coming from the pedal area it could be the crank bearings that might just need to be grease inside the bearings.

What Does A Bad Bearing Sound Like?

A bad crank bearing makes a high-pitched creak or high-pitched squeal noise try rumbling noise.

What Tools You Will Need?

There are a couple of tools and materials needed how to grease the crank bearings on a mountain bike. These are as follows.

How To Grease Bike Crank Bearings On A Mountain Bike?

Before you start greasing your bike crank, you need to check if there is any visible damage to that general area. This visual inspection includes the crankarms and spindle.

Let’s get started on greasing bike crank bearings.

  • The first step to greasing bike crank bearings is to put the bike in a bike stand.
  • Next, you will remove the crankarm. Most cranks use an 8 mm wrench. Also in most new bikes, where the cranks are self-extracting.
  • Remember that one of the crankarms is not removed. You need to pull the other non-removing crankarm and the spindle. Once you remove the spindle, you will see two dust covers for your bearing and spacers.
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  • Now you can clean the spindle, crankarm, bottom bracket bearings, and bolt. After the cleaning, you will have removed the grease and dirt from this area.
  • Now you need to remove the press-fit bottom bracket, you can use it only for a Park Tool BBT-90.3.
  • Once removed you can clean these parts which should include the bearings and bottom bracket. After removing the bottom bracket. If you see any damage to any of the parts. If so you will need to replace the parts.
  • Now assuming all the parts are fine, you need to add a good level of grease to the bottom bracket cup and frame interface.
  • Add a good level of grease to the bottom bracket bearings. The grease should be added to the inner race on both sides and around the bearing cup.
  • Now, put the spacers on the crank. Add more grease then add the dust covers. This dust cover side will meet the spindle and also the bearing.
  • Next is to put back the crank arm which accompanies the crank bolt. As you put these back add grease. Tighten the crank arm with an 8mm wrench until the bolt is tight. It will be tight enough when the spec is around 40-50 nm.
  • Finally, do a test that everything is working as it should. If everything is working fine then you have done the job properly.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I hope this article covering how to grease bike crank bearings on a mountain bike was helpful. To grease, the crank bearing involves a little bit of work to uninstall and put it put together, but the process is not too challenging. If it is case that you are not comfortable with the process of greasing the crank bearing you can visit your local bike shop.

And that’s it for now! I’d love it if this post on how to grease bike crank bearings on a mountain bike was helpful to you. Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is more to add.

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